Best Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois, Chicago

The average cost of car insurance in Illinois is slightly greater than $ 1,158/year or  $97/month and is 24% lower than the national average. But, based on that amount you can actually pay less depending on the location of your residence and also the insurance company you choose.

Chicago auto insurance is a competitive marketplace, which will work for the consumer. A competitive marketplace will certainly support build the price of car insurance policy down to an affordable price.

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Illinois Per Month

Here is 10 of  Illinois auto insurance companies list for comparison.

Providers Average Monthly Cost
Unique $53
Farmers $54
Lighthouse $60
Rockford Mutual $65
The Hartford $68
The Cincinnati $73
Auto Club Group $74
State Farm $75
Country $80

Unique and Farmers are low-cost auto insurance in Illinois with average
monthly cost $53 and $54, so you can conclude that both insurers are the
cheapest auto insurance in Illinois. The average of the monthly premium cost is $68. SECURA and Country are the most expensive with $78 and $80 per month. Each is 15% and 18% higher than average.


Best Rated Illinois-Chicago Car Insurance Rates

Attempting to evaluate which automobile insurance company is usually the most dependable and gets the best client service can be hard. One statistic peoples believe is useful is named the complaint ratio.

This figure captures a number of complaints each insurer receives in twelve months per $1 million in written premiums.

Searching for the provider with the cheapest complaint ratio can provide you an apples-to-apples assessment in your seek out the best car insurance company in Chicago.

Below is a listing of Illinois insurers 2013 complaint ratios, as calculated and reported simply by the Illinois Department of Insurance predicated on the client complaints reported. The low the ratio, the better the company’s rating.

Rank Providers 2013 Complaint Ratio/$1Million Direct Written Premiums
1 COUNTRY Financial 0.08
2 Erie 0.13
3 Hanover 0.13
4 USAA 0.14
5 State Farm 0.15
6 Auto Owners 0.17
7 Progressive 0.18
8 Travellers 0.20
9 Metlife 0.22
10 American Family 0.22


Illinois Auto Insurance Laws For Minimum Requirements

Drivers in Illinois have to follow the state’s obligatory minimum amount automobile insurance requirements. Illinois isn’t a no-fault state, therefore, drivers are only necessary to bring liability insurance.

Listed below are the required limits:

  • $25k per person/$50k per incident of bodily injury liability insurance
  • $20k of house damage liability insurance

Cheap auto insurance in Chicago can protect you from lawsuits that might arise from incidents. An incredible number of car owners in Chicago, Illinois will need to protect their vehicles from physical damage, physical injury or death and protection of third party obligations thus giving them security and peace of mind.

Vehicles are one of the primary investments in your daily life. The insurance plan not merely pays a collision, also for other undesirable events such as damage, theft, damage due to natural disaster, damage during transit or shipping and delivery and different other factors.

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