How To Get Best Cheap Car Insurance In Las Vegas, Nevada

How to compare and get cheap car insurance in Las Vegas? When looking at data reports on car insurance cost at for the city of Las Vegas or also called Sin City is somewhat surprising.
According to the analysis, the average cost of a year-long auto insurance policy for those residing in the area is $ 2,705 with zip code 89101.


Neighborhoods Average Of Annual Cost

The cheapest area is Henderson with $1,196 and the most expensive are Downtown with $1,458.

Neighborhoods Average Annual Cost
Henderson $1,196
Summerlin $1,250
Sunrise Manor $1,299
Enterprise $1,328
North Las Vegas $1,335
Whitney $1,337
Spring Valley $1,346
Paradise $1,383
Winchester $1,452
Downtown $1,458

All average is $1,338.

Compare to average, annual cost in Henderson is $142 lower than all average or 10.6% lower and annual cost in Downtown is $120 higher than all average or 9.0% higher.

Annual Average of Premium Cost of Car Insurance Providers in Las Vegas

The following is the annual premium cost for car insurance with the assumption of a single driver aged 30 years. This driver has his own vehicle, has no problems with credit, chooses basic liability coverage slightly more than what is needed in Nevada.

The car used is Toyota Camry in 2010 with a distance of 10,000 – 15,000 miles/year. This vehicle is used to work and go home. There has been no record of violations or accidents in the driving history of the past five years.

Providers Average Annual Cost
Allied $970
USAA $1,129
Liberty Mutual $1,202
MetLife $1,305
State Farm $1,378
Allstate $1,500
Geico $1,603
Mercury $1,617

The most expensive is Mercury with annual cost $1617/year or approx $135/month and the cheapest is Allied with annual premium cost is $970 or approx $81/month.

However, GEICO was more expensive car insurance cost in 4 areas of Las Vegas:

  • Henderson
  • Summerlin
  • Sunrise Manor, and
  • Spring Valley.

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