Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers : Tips and Factors

When you need car insurance for high-risk drivers, then the policyholder should think very well about how to reduce the rates of premiums, which will be above average prices. Please, find tips regarding this matter here.

High-Risk Factors

If you are in one of the following situations, you need a high-risk auto insurance.

  • Convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or a suspended license.
  • Extremely drive fast sports cars, highly expensive cars, modified and rare.
  • Numerous speeding tickets or traffic accidents (regardless of who is to blame) implies that you are more likely to have an accident.
  • Beginners and young drivers.
  • Bad credit. Statistics indicate that drivers with bad credit present more insurance claims, therefore, a bad credit equates to an increased risk for the insurance company.

Maybe you want to know how to choose car insurance properly?


high risk car insurance
Identify your risk level when driving

Additional driver

Instead of looking for an individual insurance policy, a high-risk driver should consider getting a policy linked to another driver.

If you live with someone who drives, you can have a policy that covers both, which can reduce the final cost.

You can become a less risky driver if you make some concessions.

Accepting a larger deductible will help reduce the cost of a claim, which can make an insurer feel more comfortable to activate your policy, and not qualify as a high risk driver.

Show your interest in accepting a policy that limits the number of miles you can drive in a given time. If you follow these tips, it may be enough to convince insurers that the risk level will be lower.

Type of car

A high risk auto insurance is almost always required when the insured is driving a powerful or high power car. Rectifies and opt for an average car that has a good safety record.

Check Your Registry

In order to get the best quote, you need to know exactly what is in your driving record.

Call the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or similar department and ask for details of the absences.

Pay the outstanding fines, and make sure the DMV updates your registration.

Ask them for all the tips on how to improve your driving and getting off the high risk list.

There is also something known similar as a report detailing the previous claims.

Insurance companies have been known to use fake data to alter drivers’ risk levels, so be aware of your image before insurers.

Starting a course

Take a course in defensive or advanced driving, as these could improve your driving skills and lead to discounts from insurance companies.

Before starting a course, make sure it is recognized by the insurance companies, otherwise, you will lose your money.

There are a large number of courses available, but not all of them meet the required quality standards.

Search for discounts

Some insurers offer discounts for members of a credit union or for account holders in specific banks. Being a high-risk driver does not exclude you to take advantage of these discounts.

Ask for discounts available to the insurance company’s customer service advisor.

Does your auto insurer offers the benefit of forgiveness of an accident?

Even a small auto accident can leave you with abnormal insurance costs.

To help solve this problem, some auto insurers have begun to offer the benefit of forgiveness.

If you have had an accident, auto insurance companies agree not to raise prices unnecessarily, but they use a complicated list of factors to count premium costs based on your level of risk.

Without the benefit of the accident forgiveness, the insurance company can simply claim that the person is a high risk driver, and apply the highest rates when it is time to renew the coverage.

Find another type of coverage

In most states, high-risk drivers who have been charged with extremely high rates by insurers, or even with denied coverage, have a few options.

One is a set of assigned risks, where some states maintain a system to force a company to cover a high risk driver. There is also a market called “non-standard auto insurance”, where companies cater to a qualified high-risk driver.

Park in an area of lower risk

Some high-risk auto insurance or non-standard auto insurance are evaluated according to the location where insurers receive the most claims. If you live in an area of many claims, park the car somewhere else that can reduce the level of risk.

Be aware of your credit

Your credit history also goes into a risk assessment by the insurer. A good credit history may qualify you for specific plans. Take a look at your credit score and try to keep it current and perfect.

Compare the Prices

Comparing different auto insurers is one of the best ways to find cheap and affordable high risk auto insurance.

Using a website that offers price comparisons between various insurers will help you get a lower insurance rate and find the company that offers the cheapest quote.

To achieve cheaper rates, you must provide personal information and your self detail.

How to get rid of a bad record of managing your spouse?

If you are married and your spouse is a bad driver, you may be penalized for your bad record because you are sharing an insurance plan.

However, there are a few tips that help lessen that bad record of your spouse. Here are some tips where you can save a lot of money on high premiums.


Unfortunately, this is the most important factor in calculating insurance premiums for someone with a bad track record.

Problems with your driving record appear when the insurance company requests the information from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Fortunately, after a period of time, the premiums are not greatly affected.

In addition, many states have laws that do not allow insurance companies to penalize drivers after 3 years.

Amount of coverage

Try to increase the deductible of your comprehensive or collision coverage. A higher deductible means lower rates.

This is a good choice for someone who has a lot of speed ticketing but not for someone with a history of accidents.

That is a driving pattern that can result in a high price, but he or she can not be prone to an accident.

If you have already paid the car and lost a considerable amount of its value, it is best to abandon the comprehensive coverage completely.

It does not make much sense to pay the third of the value of a car every year in insurance premiums.

Of course, do not skimp on costs in your liability coverage if you want to have complete protection in case of a collision.

Type of car.

Changing your spouse’s car type can have a big effect on your insurance premiums.

This is one of the main factors an insurer uses to calculate the cost of coverage. Change the type of car from 2-door to 4-door, or sports car to a standard one.

Driver Education

Often, insurance companies offer a price reduction to problem drivers if they attend a defensive driving course.There are also courses available that are specifically tailored to those who like to drive at high speeds or to aggressive drivers.

However, remember that this price reduction is available every few years.

If your partner goes to a class and your driving habits do not change, that will discourage your insurer from continuing to offer this discount.

Separate cover

In the worst case, where none of the above councils can lower prices, the last option is the separation of coverage.

You can continue with your insurer, and transfer your partner to a less-than-standard high-risk provider.

Unfortunately, high-risk insurers tend to cut costs by removing extras that can be achieved in a standard insurance plan (such as roadside assistance or car rental coverage).

Being considered as high risk means that you pay more for coverage than a regular driver.

You have a greater risk of having an accident, getting tickets or driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the insurance company.

If you are at high risk, and your track record is improving, you can make the attempt to hire a new insurance or talk to your agent after a suitable period of time to see if the rates can be reduced.

In case it can be proven that the risk to insure you has decreased, the insurance company will reduce its rates. Thus all important things that you need to know about car insurance for high risk drivers,

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