What’s Right About ESCO Hearing Aid Insurance

ESCO hearing aid insurance has experience for more than twenty-five years as a provider of reliable insurance loss, damage and complete coverage improvements for the hearing industry with trusted protection.

Since 1989, the ear service company has evolved into a leader who gives hope for hearing impaired for warranty and also compensation for the devices it uses.

As one of the hearing aid insurance companies out there, ESCO through hearing insurance policies is determined to provide patient peace of mind as a top priority with the aim of providing the best coverage for hearing instruments, good service, extremely competitive prices and being the professional liaison between hearing aid manufacturers and their patients to provide an extended coverage of their instruments.


Coverage Options Protection Offered Of Hearing Aid Replacement Insurance For Loss Or Damage

For users of hearing aids, when the warranty period of the company has expired, they may choose to replace or repair it. However, if you have an ESCO policy, then they will cover it and the user has provided protection for his investment.

So, ESCO hearing aid policies plans are:

Protection Plus

Protection plus provides protection against accidents that cause damage and loss. You can still have or lose your inadvertently make your hearing aids to be damaged.It’s only cover for accidental loss and damage.

Platinum Plan

The coverage of platinum plan can provide comprehensive protection for your instrument against loss caused by normal use, accidental damage and also due to tear repairs. Wax build ups and excessive battery usage are included in the most frequent problems of normal use and tear repairs.

You can read more about this at easerve.com.

How To Make an Insurance Claim Process

To process the claim, you can do the following three steps:

  • Print and complete ESCO hearing aid claim form
  • The next step is to make an appointment to meet your hearing practitioner then the practitioner will forward the request to receive authorization from ESCO
  • Next is to make the payment required to your practitioner for co-payment for time and services. Payments can be made after you receive your hearing device that has been repaired or replaced.

How To Get An ESCO Quote

You can get a quote through https://earserv.com/consumers/get-a-quote/ or by ESCO insurance agency near your place.

On the web page, you can choose the manufacturer and model for your hearing device. You can also choose some payment methods on most devices for flexibility or you can also decide your own choice if you want to start immediately.

There you can find the best coverage options according to your current condition. Hearing aid insurance cost is per aid for one year of coverage.

ESCO has great customer service, the support staff, and claims department will give you wonderful experience.

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