How to Get Replacement Car Like a Boss When Claiming Insurance

Cars are transportation vehicles that are also vulnerable to various risks. However, with insurance, you can get a replacement car, depending on the package you choose.

It must be annoying when suddenly the car you use to support your activity is damaged and can not be used. In addition, you may feel very angry by the loss of your car, although this case is less common than the more frequent cases of accidents.

Surely you often see so full of queues in the workshop for car service. You may have experience queuing for days to get service from the workshop, of course, this is very time to consume and inefficient.

However, by having car insurance, you do not have to worry, because you will get priority service compared to people who do not have such insurance.

Now the question is how expensive is the car insurance?

There are several considerations you should do before choosing a car insurance. If you rarely do mobility, you should choose TLO (Total Loss Only), but vice versa, if you often drive, then the insurance package that suits you is All Risk package.

As stated in the approved auto insurance policy, the all risk package will cover all possible risks to your car. So look carefully at what’s on your car insurance policy.

Choose Car Insurance According To Your Needs Wisely

For your own good, you should be able to choose car insurance according to what you need. Thus, you can feel the maximum benefits of insurance in accordance with your wishes with a relatively cost-efficient.

You should also consider whether the insured car is a personal asset or your own office.

From some of the above, you can make a decision about what kind of car insurance you will take.

The existence of a replacement car when making claims can also be a determining factor whether the insurance you choose it is in accordance with your needs.

Because sometimes new people regret it after it happens. They just realized that the insurance package they took did not provide a replacement car. It is unfortunate.

If mobility is at the heart of your job, make sure you have an insurance policy that includes it. Because not all insurance policies will provide a replacement car if it is not included in the initial agreement.

Insurance package with replacement car?

The advantage is a replacement car when making claims then your activities and productivity or your business will not be disturbed at all just because your car is damaged.

So, Make Sure You Choose the Insurance Package With Car Replacement

I remind you again that not all insurance policies provide a replacement car. So I hope you can know well what the provisions contained in the insurance policy.

If unexpected events happen to your car, your losses can be reduced if you have registered your car on an insurance product.

Also make sure that the policy includes some very important and mandatory things, such as:

  • Comprehensive protection against loss or damage to your car.
  • Accident insurance for drivers and passengers.
  • Legal liability of third parties.
  • How much additional benefits are given, such as a replacement car, 24-hour online service, warranty for damage repair, tow truck, ambulance car, Mobile Claim Services, and so on.


Is the Replacement Car Facility Expensive?

A replacement car is just an additional facility of your chosen insurance package and you can not use it continuously because it has a time limit to use.

Basically, this replacement car is free.

So pay close attention to the clauses listed on your insurance policy. Because if the use of this replacement car exceeds the time limit, then you will be considered to rent the car and will incur additional charges.

Replacement car have time-limit

The important thing here is that when you claim process, you should be able to choose a workshop that has credibility in handling damage to your car, because your car service will be handled by the partner workshop from the insurer.

Does the replacement car have better quality?

It actually depends on your circumstances when making a claim. If you want to get a car of minimal quality equivalent to your car this can be done.

However, another possibility is that the car is already being used by someone else, so you can get a quality replacement car under your car, but still worth it.

If you are not in an emergency, you can wait in line to get the replacement car you want.

However, if you really need a car right away, it is a wise move if you use a replacement car available at that time.

Basically on the insurance policy will be explained that the replacement car that you will receive it will have the quality equivalent of the car you use.

However, in some cases, sometimes the insurer cannot fulfill your wishes quickly because so many claims are entered into them, so the stock of available replacement cars is inadequate.

In addition, sometimes the repair process in the workshop can take several days because of the many queues. From this fact, the insurer could just rent a car to the other party to meet the availability of the replacement car.

General Procedures Insurance Claims For Getting a Replacement Car

Here is a general procedure to get a replacement car when making an insurance claim:

  • Make sure your claim process has been approved by the insurer. You can know this from the claim number you received. So do not ever enter your car when you do not have a claim number.
  • The average insurance company can provide a replacement car with one condition that the car repair process in the workshop partner is done within a minimum of two days.
    Car repair in the workshop is time-consuming process
  • Make sure the service is directly done by the workshop when the handling of your car switches to them. Because the insurance usually only give you time to use the replacement car for five days of calendar time only. If you exceed the time limit, then you will be charged for car rental.



In practice, almost all insurance companies have constraints when it has to meet the many needs of replacement cars associated with many claims simultaneously.

Realistically the car repair process in the workshop can take three to five days although this depends on how severe the damage occurred to the car.

But during that time, other claims may continue to arrive.

What happens next is the insurer cannot provide a replacement car quickly or in other words you have to queue up. If you still want to use a replacement car quickly, in these circumstances, then you will usually get a car below the quality of the car you insure.

But do not worry, you can easily get around this situation. The trick is that you can adjust the time when your car goes into the workshop with the time when you get a replacement car, this applies to non-emergency claims.

But if you are in an emergency and need service repair immediately, then you usually have to queue to get a replacement car.

You need to immediately record your claim number to make it easier for the insurer to quickly check the availability of replacement car stock.

Then they will adjust the schedule for your car service in the workshop. Thus, your daily activities will continue to run properly while waiting for your car to be repaired.

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