5 Best Health Insurance In Indonesia 2017

Health insurance has a pretty good market share in Indonesia.In 2009, according to WHO, 60% -75% of people in Indonesia, has been privately defraying their health care.

This is due to lack of public knowledge about health insurance.

However, the current public awareness of the health and finance continue to grow over time.

This awareness makes many insurance companies competing to offer health insurance products that offer the best service to customers.

As a customer or client, of course, you have to be clever to sort out which health insurance best suited for you. Therefore, please refer to reverse order of the list of five best health insurance in 2017 as follows:

5. Smile Medicare – SinarmasMSIG Insurance

Who does not know the Sinarmas?

The company managed to occupy the fifth place through their health insurance products.

The reason is the insurance products offered by the Sinarmas is unique, it is because of the non-application of underwriting, in the process of submission of insurance.

With a few simple questions such as height and weight, you can get health insurance from the Sinarmas that can be fairly cheap.

There are several advantages offered by Smile Medical of insurance from the Sinarmas, include:

  •     No inner limit
  •     Cost for 7 days before treatment and after treatment for 30 days fully covered by insurance
  •     Payment of premiums tend to be flexible

4. Avrist Sehati – Avrist Insurance

In the fourth place, the insurance company Avrist emerge through a health insurance product called Avrist Sehati.

Indeed, the name is not as big as other insurers, but health insurance products offered fairly enticing.

The price range of rooms ranging from 200 thousand to 2.5 million rupiahs per night can be obtained through this insurance.

Not only that, it also bears a health insurance for outpatient chemotherapy and dialysis if you have to run the treatment.

The advantages of this health insurance include:

  •     Having the option of quite a big room of 200 thousand to 2.5 million rupiahs per night
  •     Using the system claims to the room rates above 1.25 million
  •     An additional benefit of outpatient chemotherapy and dialysis
  •     For chronic diseases, the time of outpatient care after hospitalization, having very long period, ie 60  days
  •      Premium costs are relatively cheap


3. Smart Premier – Allianz Insurance

Allianz big name has no doubt in the financial industry.

As one of the world’s largest insurance company, Allianz would provide the best service to its customers.

One of their health insurance product, Smart Premier, occupying the third place in the list this time.

There are so many advantages that can be utilized by the users of this insurance, include:


  •     Having some rooms option with premium class from 6 million rupiahs per night, designed for customers who wish to seek treatment abroad
  •     There are more benefits for people with HIV / AIDS
  •     Outpatient chemotherapy and dialysis covered with considerable value
  •     Inner limit for the benefits operating costs are quite high
  •      Not use a prorated system


2. MiUltimate – Manulife Insurance

Again, a big name in the list of the best health insurance in 2017.

This time, MiUltimate of Manulife Insurance is in the second place.

By prioritizing the interests of customers in matters of health, Manulife products through MiUltimate provide hospital facilities in Indonesia and overseas.

Thus, for you who want to go to Singapore can also be covered by this insurance.

MiUltimate of Manulife insurance products have some advantages as follows:

  •     Dual system of room charge
  •     The cost of treatment is paid 100% as long as within allowable limits room charge per night
  •     Outpatient costs after hospitalization covered for 60 days
  •     There are added benefits of outpatient chemotherapy and dialysis
  •     There are added benefits for people with HIV / AIDS
  •     Funeral expenses of 30 million rupiahs for all room classes


1. International Health Plan – Pacific Cross

Maybe you rarely heard of this company.

Yes, the Pacific Cross which has its headquarters in Hong Kong is not so well-known in Indonesia.

Formerly, the Pacific Cross has cooperated with local insurance Indrapura.

However, now Indrapura has been acquired by FGP Group so that the current the Pacific Cross cooperate with FPG Indonesia.

Although the premiums are relatively expensive, the insurance product has several advantages including:

  • All rooms VIP system or Class 1
  • The cost of treatment is paid 100%
  • There are other benefits for people with HIV / AIDS
  • There is a renewal clause guarantee
  • There are discounts of up to 75% and various other discounts for customers who not take the benefits of treatment in some foreign countries.

Thus the 5 best health insurance in Indonesia, hopefully, this information can help you to get best provider.

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