How To Choose Car Insurance Properly?

How to choose car insurance properly? Almost every family in the US have a car. According to USA Today, users licensed cars driving has reached 210 million in 2010, consisting of 105.7 million are female drivers and 104.3 million are the male drivers, and that was seven years ago.

The high number of vehicles on the road turned out to cause problems and its own risks, such as traffic accidents, many of which lead to loss of material and non-material including injuries, disabilities up to cause death.

In addition, with the increase in vehicle users,  also caused an increased risk of criminal offenses, which also caused material losses with relatively high value.

Many people who lose their vehicle, it is proved by the increasing cases of car theft. One way to anticipate potential losses and risks that arise is to move the existing risks to third parties.To overcome all these problems, then the next thing you need to have after having a car is insurance.


Why car insurance?  Because with this insurance, you can make sure the car stays safe during an accident, loss or damage.For now, itself is already a lot of insurance companies in the United States that provide insurance for a vehicle with a range of attractive offers.

Therefore, you as a prospective client, need to be keen on choosing the car insurance.

Tips On Choosing A Car Insurance

Here are some tips on choosing a car insurance for you, if you want to buy insurance that fit and suit the needs of your vehicle.

1.  Check the condition of your car  

The first thing you should do is to check it and to know clearly about the condition of your car, it usually includes the condition of the engine, body, age and various other things that are necessary to be considered.

By knowing the condition of the vehicle, then you can easily choose the most appropriate type of insurance for your car.

There are two types of insurance that you can select and consider, namely:
  • All Risk Insurance or ComprehensiveThis insurance will guarantee almost all the risks that might occur in your vehicles, such as major accidents and minor accidents.But even so, there will always be exceptions to the insurance policy that you should look at and know from the beginning, so that these things will not cause a loss for you in the future.
  • Insurance Total Loss Only (TLO)
    This insurance will only guarantee the vehicle damage that occurs above 75% only, meaning accidents or minor damage will not be covered by it.

2. Knowing the Advantages of Products In Detail

Each type of car insurance would provide benefits and advantages which vary, depending on the type and also features the services you need.Be sure to find out the various benefits and also a form of protection to be provided by the vehicle insurance you want to buy so you will not experience losses in the future.

3. Perform Comparison

Just knowing one product alone would not be effective for you to be able to find the best insurance services.

Try to do a comparison of the same products that come from different insurance companies, so you clearly know about insurance services from companies which are the most appropriate. Then, the best insurance company will be used as a choice.

This comparison can be done by visiting the insurance company or by visiting their official website through the internet network.

4. Give Enough Time To Consider

Do not be too quick in taking decisions, because it is important for you to find the best products and most appropriate insurance for your vehicle.

Some insurers might look the same, but after searching for information in detail, then you can make a choice and find the most appropriate products.

5. Adjust To Your Capabilities

Premium rate will certainly affect the benefits and protections, it’s about what will you get later. Of course, you want to use the best insurance service, with the best premium and also the best protection anyway.

But beyond all these desires, it is very important for you to take into consideration the financial capability owned.

Do not force yourself to take a fairly large amount of the premium, but are out of reach of your financial situation.

If you do this, things like this will only make your financial distracted and cause a number of problems in your finances.

6. Consider Recommendations From Dealer

If you are going to buy an insurance product, while currently propose car ownership, there is no harm to consider the recommendations given by the dealer.

Usually, the dealer will give recommendation according to which the insurance company is quite good and can be trusted.

However, the recommendations of the dealer are not the final price that you must follow, You still can seek to find an insurance company that you think is best as well the most appropriate.

7. Use Best Service Insurance Companies

Find and use the services of an insurance company best. The companies like Auto-Owner Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Progressive, and State Farm, is considered as best car insurance companies in 2017.

Today there are many insurance companies that provide auto insurance services, it means you have a point of comparison that can be used as a consideration in determining the choice.

Do not rush into making a choice, consider a few things below in choosing an insurance company best:

  • Company credibility – Make sure you use the services of insurance companies that have good credibility and trustworthy. Consider their reputation in the middle of the general public, where you can see the level of public trust in insurance company would you choose later.
  • The ratio of Customer Complaints – Check carefully about their customer complaint ratio, find this information online by looking at their official website and also researching various online forums about insurance that can be trusted.Notice how big the settlement of customer complaints that they do, the higher the level of completion it will be better for you to choose them.
  • Workshop Partner From Insurance Companies – Workshop partners from the insurance company also deserves to be taken into consideration, do select insurance companies that have a lot of workshop partners are trustworthy and will allow you to make improvements to your car at any time if damage or accident.Choose an insurance company that has a trustworthy partner workshops and the short distance from the home or office so you will not need a long time to achieve it.See then consider the trace of recording workshop partners from the insurance company and make sure they have good ability in repairing any damage that occurs in the car of their clients.
  • Features Of Service Company –  Consider choosing an insurance company that has a variety of features with full support, this will make you feel more comfortable and calm at the time of the accident.Choose an insurance company that has a 24-hour call center service and fast in responding to reports of his client, has facilities such as ambulances and tow trucks at any time if required, has facilities such as a replacement car while your car is in the shop for service.All of these features will make you more comfortable and also not experience difficulties in submitting repairs after an accident in your car.
  • Claims procedures – good insurance company would deal with claims of its customers immediately and as soon as they can do.Do not select an insurance company that is slow and does not respond to the claims filed, companies like this will only make you lose and experiencing a number of problems after an accident and the damage to your car.Find out and see how many claims are received by the insurance company through internet services on their official forums or websites, it can be used as consideration in choosing a right insurance company.Do not choose an insurance company just because it has a great name, while the performance and service of the customer so bad and slow.

I hope you can get car insurance that suits your choice and desire, and most importantly, always be careful when driving.

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