Secrets of How To Start A Business With Facebook Marketing For Beginners

How to start a business with Facebook marketing– Business is dynamic, not static. That is, business is always on the move, always changing according to the times. If you can go back, dozens of years ago you might remember how to make a flyer and spread it all over town to bring in buyers.Even today there are still many people who use that way to bring in consumers.

Perhaps most of the walls of your city have been plastered with various advertisements up to layers.

It’s a sign that pamphlets are still used by many people.

If you look at today, business development is strongly influenced by the advent of internet technology, the high intensity of social media usage, and the increasing number of the messenger.

Without your awareness, business has grown very rapidly. One of them through online marketing.


How to start a business with Facebook marketing

Some examples are video marketing, email marketing, Facebook marketing, and much more.

The media used to do business has been very varied and the way also has become more diverse.

Now the problem is how you can maximize it all. Is not it?

We are more focused on Facebook marketing. Well, on this occasion we are willing to open all secret recipes about how we have been using Facebook as a tool for business and bring in abundant benefits.

How To Start A Business With Facebook Marketing? Follow These Steps!

1# Personal Branding

Personal branding is your first step in Facebook marketing. But, before you create personal branding, you must first determine the role model.

What is a role model?

Role model here is someone who is already successful in the field that you will do.

For example, if you are moving in the field of Facebook marketing then you should look for ‘role model’ in accordance with your field.

Well, once you find the right role model, then what should you do?

A Role model is useful to be able to understand what that person is doing. Yes, you can do what that person has done so he or she can succeed. Then you can expand it even more.

For example, you can observe how your role model did a post on Facebook, when she or he was posting, the language style, how to respond to comments, and so on.

If necessary, you should record it, do not hesitate, do not be shy. Because you are studying.

Doing this takes time and process. It takes carefulness in analyzing and understanding well. Once you get the important points from Facebook investigation results, it’s time for action.

Start thinking about your personal branding. Starting from the very first, the name.
You can use your real name for personal branding, but remember, when you have used the real name, do not ever damage its credibility.

Because after you do this, everything you write and post on Facebook will use your name. Where your name is not only an identity but has become a BRAND. So please remember, do this seriously.

After you choose to use a name, then you must specify the character of your personal branding.

Well, you can determine this character in accordance with your market.

For example, you can create characters that are humble, friendly and like to interact, or you can also create a frontal, serious and trustworthy character.

Or maybe you want to create a funny character, like to entertain people and be jolly.

Or the final option is, be yourself.

The important thing to remember is that your name has become a BRAND then you should be able to withstand an attitude that may reduce the credibility of your own brand.

For example, if someone suddenly comments in a disrespectful language, then you should not be irritable and reply to the comment in a disrespectful language.

It’s better not to respond to the comment, or you can delete the comment and give a personal warning.

Remember! Do not attack someone with a screenshot and then you spread it.

It would be better if you face it personally then your attitude will look mature and professional, is not it?

If you have already decided on the character you have chosen then you should always be consistent with the character.

Because the strength of a character that can be seen from the style of language used, how to communicate or post shared to the design used.

So, do this with caution.

After that, you can start creating Facebook profile picture and cover. Choose a design that can describe who you really are.

Not to be a problem if you are less master of graphic design, you can ask for help to the experts. It would be better if you have a theme of your design that is able to characterize you.

2# Content Marketing

Content marketing is useful for attracting peoples become your friends and follow each what you post.

This process will also take time, so you must be patient and committed to this step. Slowly but surely, collect your market.

Want a bit faster?

Well, this is the function of marketing content. To attract consumers. You should attract them with the content you write. And the next question is what is interesting content?

But before you know it, you must know the types of content. This is a part of how to start a business with Facebook marketing.

Types of Facebook Content

1. Education

The educational content is about business education or about the product you are marketing. Usually, market education is done one week before the product launches.

So it’s better to understand a product before you market it. By knowing what you will sell then the market education process can be done easily.

Let’s say you will market a book product. So, you just have to take an interesting part of the book and then develop it in your own language and relate it to events close to everyday life.

You should emphasize the benefits and usefulness of the product if it is owned by others.

2. Quote

This content contains the quote of great people who can contain motivation, reflection or words that build spirit and can touch the hearts of those who read it.

Often the marketing includes a quote in the design and then added with the content written based on the development of the quote.

3. Soft Selling

This content is a technique for selling products indirectly.

On this content, you not only include the price and promo date or product image. So, you will sell in a subtle way. Sometimes in soft selling, you need a link that leads to the product you want to sell.

The internet marketing professional always writes it by way of storytelling then insert a link that will lead people to go to a web page that contains products to be sold.

So, at a glance, you seem to be educating, but actually, you are selling. Very good technique on how to start a business with Facebook marketing.

4. Hard Selling

Hard selling is always the right content to do if there is a promotion or event when launching a new product. It would be better if included photos of products, prices, and deadlines of the promotion.

Use these types of content to attract potential buyers with Facebook marketing.

#3 Leads Magnet

Magnetic Leads is a way to lead people to like your Fanspage, join groups, or to get them into your Facebook followers.

How to do it?

The trick is you have to be like everywhere.

Say what?

Yes, you can create a program that would be useful for your followers, but also actually useful for you.

An example is sharing education via Line, Whatsapp, sharing education on Twitter, e-mail education by mailing list, and sharing via the Facebook group, page, and profile. There’s more out there. Try to always exist in social media, not just on Facebook alone.

Then you have to connect social media to each other.

Always provide interesting and quality content and suggested to be added to images inside.

#4 Build Interaction With Your Market

Building a good interaction is important because you can find out what the market wants. In addition, building interactions are also used to build trust between you and customers.

So the interaction must go both ways.

If you do not respond to what your market wants, do not reply to inboxes, do not answer the questions they ask, none of this will work.

So try to keep communication between you and your market.

# 5 Commitment

This is the closing step of all the steps I have written above.

Commitment is the essence of everything, be it for Facebook Marketing or any marketing in this world.

Success is difficult to achieve in an instant way. Everything requires the process and the process takes time and effort. In this process, your commitment will be tested.

You must have a commitment to be successful.

So that’s the guide to about how to start a business with Facebook Marketing. Hopefully, this simple explanation can provide benefits for those of you who want to immediately have a business with Facebook media.

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