The Truth About Major Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premiums Is About To Be Revealed

Perhaps you are asking why the cost of auto insurance premiums varies between each person and you have a sense of curiosity about it. Indeed there are several factors, whether major or others that cause it to happen.

The secret is that every company uses a fairly complex and exclusive rating scheme. This becomes the secret of the insurer and the consumer does not know it.

But behind it all, some elements can be used as a measure to find out the significant difference in premium rates of any auto insurance owner.Factors that can lead to significant variations in auto insurance premiums is called major factor.


Major Factors

Although there are several other factors, it will not make a significant difference in comparison with this key factor.



These factors are:

Insurance Score

Insurance scores are a very influential factor. Because this score is closely related to the cost of your insurance. But apparently there are some countries that do not allow the use of this system, they are Massachusetts, Hawaii and also California. Fixing these insurance scores can yield significant results towards the payment of insurance premiums in the future.

How often to claim?

The frequency when a person makes a claim can be said to be more important than the record of the driver. The majority of insurance companies will reward policyholders who have no claims. Meanwhile, someone who often claims can be required to pay additional fees and also do not get a discount.

Driving Records

The combination of poor driving records, high frequency of claims and unfriendly insurance rates will result in an insurance premium that makes you uncomfortable. However, this factor will not significantly affect the insurance premium compared to the above factors.

Location of your car garage

Believe it or not, the location of a car or garage can make a big difference to your car insurance premium. An example that can surprise you can be seen from the Michigan area.

In Detroit, based on a report from the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of a car insurance policy is about $ 10.7k. In the mean, the average in the entire Michigan area is about $ 1.1k for the same policy.

Perform continuous insurance coverage

Some people may not maintain and take a serious attitude to insurance coverage appropriately. However, this can have a considerable impact on insurance costs.

Driver Age

If the driver’s age is below 25 then this could be said to be a major factor. The younger the age of the driver then the insurance rate will be more expensive. If they are the main driver, premium costs could rise to 3-fold.


As long as they are teenagers, gender can be said to be influential, boys will pay for car insurance more expensive than girls. However, when they are the same as adults, this gender only makes a slight difference to the premium.

Driving experience

Most of the insurance companies will charge extra for those who have less experience in driving, which is less than three years. Among those who lack experience are young drivers, people who are driving and entering the international territory and drivers who first choose to drive.

Model or type of car used

The rating scheme used by the insurer also includes the collection of data from the manufacture of cars, models and even sub-models. From the data they will use the statistics and conclude whether the insured car will be safer, the level of theft cases are low, or the cost of repair is cheap.

Currently, these statistics directly affect the rates of car insurance in all coverage.

Coverage limits

You are right when you say the better coverage is given then you have to pay more. But you will be surprised at how little additional “lining” of responsibility, motorists who have no insurance or personal injury protection will be charged.

So that’s the main or major factors that cause a significant difference in the cost of car insurance premiums. Although there are other things, it will not give a more extreme impact.

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