Top 5 Money Saving Tips For The Spenders

Money saving for some people can be very difficult, especially for them, the spenders.

Various reasons they put forward, such as the cost of living is constantly increasing, until unable to resist the temptation to shop various luxury goods.

Are you one of them?

However, it’s up to you to believe or not, but it is a narrow thinking!

Without them even knowing, actually the spenders have spent a lot of money for goods that are not needed, even worse, they forget their primary needs, and when they knew it, they had run out of money.



The next thing that happens is that they solve the problem by borrowing money to others or to the bank. Yes, this step will only add to their financial problems only.

Therefore, as spenders, you need special strategies which are effective, about how you can save your money for critical needs in the future.

The best ways to save money

There’s a joke that the best ways to save your money is don’t use that for anything. But we know it’s almost impossible. Money is not everything, but in the world where are we living now, everything needs money.

So here are 5 tips that you can try for being excellent to control your finance.

1. Do not be easily fooled by the tempting promotion or advertisements

The work of the advertiser is trying to make ads that they show interest to others, including you. Suppose there are the latest gadget ads with a series of advanced features.

Once you see these ads, you feel that the gadgets you have already worn out, and you are interested to buy the gadget. Then you decide to buy the gadget.

In the next month, the latest series of products reappeared, and they offer a gadget with other features. Here is the problem, many people are into what we refer to as ‘victims of advertising’, they again stuck buying the product. The money that should be saved for future needs or emergencies is used for purposes that may be considered unimportant.

Or promotion of a product, with the words “buy 3 get 1 free”. Try to think about why you buy the same type of goods if in fact you only need one item only.

So consider using your money wisely. Remember, sparing no means stingy. Try to save some of your money and make this as your regular habit.

2. Be a hunter for the discount and voucher

The spender delighted to spend their money. One is usually preferred are shopping. Well, for those of you who can not resist the desire to shop, then try to be a regular customer at a store or boutique that provides discounts or vouchers for regular customers.

Thus, you have leftover money from the discounted price. But remember, do not use the remaining money to go shopping again, because of course, these tips will not work.

Immediately save your money, before the shopping desires come back.

3. Visit the website to sell stuff and put your own unused stuff there

Rather than keeping secondhand goods that are not used anymore, you can sell it. As a spender, of course, you have many goods that are not needed, and you store it the warehouse or in the corner of your home.

Try to think of making money from such goods, then you can save the money generated from the sale.

This step also indirectly train you to become a businessman. Who knows, of selling unused goods, you can become a successful seller in the future.

Try accessing the site for the sale of second-hand stuff on the internet, and you can list and offer items that you want to sell there. It’s much better than letting the stuff into the trash.

4. Use the website for the exchange of goods between the member

You need to have a way to replace the money to get the goods you want.

By utilizing internet sites such as the exchange of goods between the member, you can get the goods you want without spending any money.

It is also one of the ways where you can get stuff at a great price, but without the need to buy it. Try to exchange the items that are not used, but you have to be honest in order to keep your credibility well.

Thus, the less you spend money to shop, then your chances of saving will be even greater.

5. Do not just use expensive and well-known brands

Using expensive and famous brands is often the desire of most people. For the rich, this may not be a problem, because they have a lot of money.

But for ordinary people, is a big mistake to use such luxury items just as prestige.

If you want to look gorgeous in front of your friends, you do not need to always use branded goods and expensive. Be yourself.

When you go shopping or buy something, the important thing is to look at the price and not brand. Many brands are not popular in the community, but has a very good quality and also the same function. Try searching for stuff like that if you need it.

Obviously, this will save a lot of your spending.

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